Monday, November 21, 2011

Resting In Bed

Resting In Bed

I'm doing much better again! Thank you so much for your emails and well wishes. Your warmth and love enters our home, our hearts, and makes us tear, in a very good sentimental way. We are touched by you.

I visited my vet on Monday and she does not conclude that I'm allergic to either of my medications, Tramadol and Baytril. She says I have a contact allergy on my skin. What caused it through contact is a very big mystery. The only thing different and new is that a mouse is still in our house since the night before my surgery. (Maybe tonight it will enter the mouse-house!) Otherwise, there is no infection inside either ear, thankfully. Only the outer skin of my ears is irritated pink by an angry rash, as the vet called it. The problem should clear in a few more days with the help of an ointment, and the vet will examine my ears again when I get my 24 metal staple stitches removed in one more week.

Here I was on Monday, resting in bed, and missing my numerous long walks and playmates. But sleep heals, so sleep it is.

Goodnight friends,


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