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Cesar's Way promotes Dancers Love Dogs.

Dancers Love Dogs: Yes, especially baby ballerinas love dogs.

{51/52 2012} Greeting Baby Ballerinas on the Red Carpet

Pawsh Magazine features "Ballerina Dreams" 

   Pawsh Magazine Features Vivi's Ballerina Dreams
Pawsh Magazine Vivi's Ballerina Dreams Pawsh Magazine Vivi's Ballerina Dreams Pawsh Magazine Vivi's Ballerina Dreams

Running to catch my jet, I made it to Flickr's Front Page Explore and reached the top 10 (in animals category) on!

Air Trafic Control, I Have To Catch My Jet! by Very Vivi ~ Vivilicious (veryvivi)) on

Flickr's Front Page:

Front Page #4 Happy Sliding Sunday

Featured on Flickr's Frontpage two times in one week!  

Front Page #2

Front Page #3

Book Preview:

on Blurb...

"ViVi in the Mist" won a Special Recognition Award in the Light Space Time Animals contest  with 419 entries from 11 different countries from around the world. 

{37/52 2010} ViVi in The Mist

Happy Valentine's Day with hugs and kisses!

Congratulations to the 5 Winners of My Valentine's Day Contest!

{33/52 2010} Thank You Flickr Friends!
Won 2nd place in the "Little Dog Laughed" flower contest on February 1st.

{1/11/11 ~ 11/365 2011} Announcing the 4 Lucky Winners...

To celebrate and ring in the New Year with my dear friends, fans, and family around the world, I invited everyone to enter my Very ViVi New Year Contest for a chance to win one of 4 give away prizes! The drawing was held on January 11, 2011 at 11:11 am PST.

{365/365!!! & 52/52!!! 2010} Celebrating A Happy New Year With All of You!
1st place ~ your favorite Very ViVi photo framed and pawdographed
2nd place ~ a 2011 Very ViVi standing desk calendar
3rd place ~ a pack of Very ViVi flower note cards
4th place ~ a Very ViVi "got milk" "had milk" mug

In 2011, I'll begin launching these and a few other Very ViVi items online. Some of you have urged me to write a book. Well, maybe (just maybe) that wish could come true. I'm looking forward to making another 52 weeks project, and I'll certainly try to finish another 365 project, but my attempt comes with no promises to keep! That was a dedicated undertaking, but satisfying now that 365 days of 2010 in photos is finally complete! Whew!

So now it's time to celebrate the coming New Year and new decade! Enjoy... live, laugh, love in a barky genius way!

Joy to all of you around the world,
Miss ViVi Gold

Join me on Facebook in 2011!

{335/365 2010} December One ~ A December Bouquet

One of the 17 Photographs Explored on Flickr in the Month of December

{341/365 2010} December Eight ~ Ready To Hang My Christmas Stocking

Announcement: ViVi Is In The Christmas Issue of Dogs Today UK

One out take from the photo shoot for "Dogs Today" Magazine UK, 2010 December Christmas Issue

Read the full 2-page spread here.

{339/365 2010} December Five ~  Merry Christmas Wreath

I Think I Love Her!

"I Think I Love Her"

This photo from August 3rd, "I Think I Love Her," along with an interview, kicks-off the new blog,, on November 23rd, 2010.

{45/52 & 316/365 2010} Golden Delight

One of the 13 Photographs Explored on Flickr in the Month of November

Miss ViVi Gold Announces Her Candidacy for Governor of California

ViVi announces her write-in candidacy
for California Governor.

Posed Like A Gold Statue In An Egyptian Palace

One of the 13 Photographs
Explored on Flickr in the Month of October

{282/365 2010} had milk!

ViVi starts her own Milk campaign, "Had Milk!"

{297/365 2010} Wicked ViVi
ViVi As The Wicked Witch on Halloween

{222/365 2010} ViVi's Ballerina Dreams: The Spectre of A Sylph

ViVi's Ballerina Dreams was awarded The Hall of Fame Picture of September 2010 at Artistic Treasure Finest. Thank you very much!

Another Monochrome Monday III

One of the 14 Photographs
Explored on Flickr in the Month of September

{37/52 2010} ViVi in The Mist

ViVi In The Mist Makes Frontpage on Flickr

{36/52 & 252/365 2010} Let's Cook!

ViVi took cooking lessons!

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