Monday, July 25, 2011

Canterbury Bells


July 25th ~ Happy Sixth Birthday Jasmine!   


Some background on Canterbury Bells: Referred to as the bellflower for its bell-like shape, this flower is known by many names, one being “Venus’ Looking Glass.” This name came about because of the campanula’s place in mythological story telling. Venus owned a magical mirror which reflected only beautiful images. When she lost this mirror, she sent Cupid to find it. Cupid dropped the looking glass and it shattered into a million pieces. True to its practice of making everything around it beautiful, the glass fell to the ground and sprouted stunning blue, bell-shaped flowers. These flowers have other folkloric tales attached to them. For instance, it was said that fairies planted campanulas to trap those who passed them – especially small children.  The campanula flower is frequently given as a sort of “thank you” gift, as these blossoms are often thought to represent gratitude. They are also given as symbols of affection, as they are sometimes said to symbolize constancy and everlasting love, as well as humility and delicacy. 

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