Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Rain, Spring Shine, I Love My New Umbrella in Springtime


Wednesday, May 25 2011

One of the reasons why spring is my favorite season of the year is this...  Today it rained and it shined.  Don't you love the combination of soft rain and warm sun?  It's magic -- the air smells so fresh and the sun rays open the water drops so everything is misty and sparkling at the same time.  I could just sense a Jeanie flying out of her bottle.  

So, I opened my new umbrella today!  It's a secret umbrella from Victoria.  Or, a Victoria's Secret umbrella.  So I'm dry and I'm cool.  And I'm relaxing under my pink umbrella in the rain and the sun, as this happy Jeanie flies all around laughing because spring is in the air. 

The second reason why spring is my favorite season of the year is because it's time to wear pink.  Pink, sweet and innocent, pretty and playful.

Tomorrow, I won't be here, but I'll be back Friday.  Until then... many wags.

with love,


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