Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heavy Weather

Partial sun was forecasted, but the weather today was heavy again.    

I got out of bed reluctantly. After breakfast, I attended obedience class in the mushy sopping wet muddy park.  Only 3 other doggies joined. We practiced heeling around the other doggies.  We also practiced long sits with eye contact. And, we practiced downs and stays from a distance off leash. The most fun exercise is COME! ending with a finish - a half circle behind mom and a sit at her left.  I love running, so I eagerly await her command so I can run as fast as I can!  Everyone laughs because I'm so enthusiastic. Then rewards... pats, praises, and treats. 

After class, I got taken to the dog wash for a lov'n bath.  So now I smell delicious and have a fluffy thick coat of wavy fur and am ready to start the week squeaky clean!

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