Monday, January 17, 2011

{1/17/11 ~ 17/365 2011} Play Day With O'Brother Bubba

Play Day With O'Brother Bubba

Today I had a play day with big old 30-year Bubba. I ran circles around him, and while I ran zoomies, he watched me with great big eyes. We enjoyed a sunny day in the country with summer-like temperatures. I ate carrots and pretended I was a horse.


{1/17/11 ~ 17/365 2011} Zooming Around With Googly Eyes

I was horsing around today... zooming busily... it was so exciting being the only dog around happy horses. It's fun pretending to be a horse, as they really know the freedom of running wildly in the wind.

A New Found Friend

A new found friend.

After The Zoomies

With mud on my nose, the day is complete. I'm a country girl at heart.

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